Modernity and tradition in one place: Irma Nastri and Adelmo Vivapresent the Bar Grotta Azzurra Capri

What do we look for when we choose a place to spend our free time? The truth is that there is no single answer: some of us prefer tradition, others modernity; some a comfortable and welcoming environment, others a place to meet new people and live unique experiences. But a place really makes you feel at ease if it manages to summarize all these characteristics, and to make those who frequent it experience a wide range of emotions.
The Blue Grotto Capri Bar has the merit of combining different souls to offer its customers a unique experience every time. Irma Nastri and Adelmo Viva, the current owners, tell us in an interview about its history and what it represents today for Marina Grande.

When was the Bar Grotta Azzurra Capri born? What is its history?

Irma Nastri: “The Nastri family took over the Blue Grotto Bar around the 1930s, even if its history is older: since 1870 it was a place where arriving and departing tourists were hosted. The first manager of my family was Andrea Nastri, my great-grandfather;  subsequently the bar passed to his son Gennaro, then to my father Luciano and finally to me and my husband, who together continue the family tradition, always with an eye to innovation and the tastes of the moment “.

What are the “ingredients” for such a lasting recipe?

Adelmo Viva: “I think the secret is knowing how to find the right mix between tradition and modernity. Over time we have grown, we have joined different projects and promoted various initiatives, but the spirit of the typical “square bar” has never completely abandoned us.  With us, the customer rediscovers the atmosphere and flavors of the past.  One proof can be found, for example, in our coffee: we have been serving ourselves from the same roaster for more than 60 years, who prepares an exclusive blend just for us. Thanks to this long-standing collaboration with the Fratelli Maresca roasting company, we choose the raw coffees, changing every year also based on what the market offers, but always selecting the best for our customers”.

Not just coffee: what can you tell us about the brand new gourmet service at the Blue Grotto Capri Bar?

Irma Nastri: “We have opened a new restaurant, which is actually a continuation of the Blue Grotto Bar, a Gourmet Shop Laboratory located at the other end of Marina Grande. The idea is to offer its own production that ranges from sweet to savory, many flavors in the name of tradition and more. Adelmo Viva: “We are sure that the Gourmet project will have its sequel, also because we make use of the collaboration of qualified chefs. Among all we would like to highlight the names of two pastry chefs who work with us, Vittorio Perriniello and Salvatore Aguzzo, two excellent personalities who bring added value to our products. With the new venue we have also activated a catering and supplies service for yachts;  in addition, as a complement to the Gourmet project, we have also decided to provide us with a wine shop, which we have called #300etichette, and which represents a selection of wines made by us “.

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