Organising a reception on Capri: our tips

When we organize an event that includes a lunch, a dinner or a buffet, we must observe the precise organizational rules, dictated by the Etiquette and elegance: taking care of the diners, managing the time at best, and offering the best possible presentation. The last point should not be underestimated: even at the table… the eye wants its part, especially if we dedicate ourselves to organizing a reception in a chic place like Capri! Here are some tips to cure this aspect and never disfigure!

Types of table service

There are various types of service that location or catering can offer.

The Italian service pays particular attention to the care of the dishes, the portions, and every single diner is served. The waiter serves the dish on the right side of the diner. In the English service, however, the waiters arrive with the serving plates and use special tongs or cutlery to fill the plate of the diners. In this case, the waiter serves the diner from the left.

The French service is typical of the high society: the waiter arrives at the table exactly as in the English service, with a serving plate, but the diners will serve themselves using the cutlery on the plate and then placing it back, to allow the next diner to do the same. Again, the waiter serves the diner from the left.

Finally, in the Russian service, the waiter stays behind the diners and prepares the dish on sight using a cart, moving the cart behind the person who will serve. This, like the French service, is intended for very luxurious environments.

Mise en place

Taking care of the mise-en-place is another aspect to keep in mind: the choice of dishes, glasses and cutlery is fundamental. The ideal is to combine style and elegance with a good amount of customization, to bring originality to the table. You can rely on mise-en-place professionals, catering and restaurants with a strong and personal style, to play it safe and leave guests speechless.

The catering

Food is the main aspect of every reception, as well as the professionalism of the staff: the choice of catering is therefore fundamental. In Capri, the Bar Grotta Azzurra, which for 50 years has brought high quality products made with love and excellent raw materials to the island, offers its customers the brand new catering service of Grotta Azzurra Gourmet, ideal for the organization of a reception on Capri: from lunches to brunches and dinners, the Grotta Azzurra takes care of everything from the setting up of the various locations to the supply of sweet and savory food, to the beverage. In addition, it offers the possibility to organize home restaurants, to pleasantly surprise their guests with the gourmet delicacies. Ideal for tourists who decide to spend their holidays on the island renting a villa or for those who live on Capri and want to organize impeccable receptions, the catering service of Grotta Azzurra allows you to rely on experts who take care of the event at 360°, without neglecting any details.


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