Panettone al limone di Capri

Panettone with lemons of Capri

Although it is early to talk about Christmas, it is never too early to talk about good food. And if we talk about good food, then the whole peninsula can be said to be the protagonist! So why not think about a mix of the flavors of the pastry of northern Italy with those of Capri?

Here comes the lemon panettone: the Christmas dessert par excellence is contaminated by the taste of our island.

In this original version of the Milanese panettone, the classic candied orange is replaced by candied lemon cubes, white chocolate drops and white praline almonds in the dough. The filling is equally tasty, made with limoncello icing and almond flakes.

A special product of our land

Why are the lemons of Capri, Ischia and Sorrento so special? First of all for their color: an extremely bright yellow, which immediately catches the attention; and then for their size: they are much larger than average, and this is what arouses interest especially in tourists who see them the first time! Also from the nutritional point of view the lemons of these areas are special: they are strictly organic products that owe their characteristics to the climate and the territory, without the use of chemicals or industrial procedures.

The vegan lemon panettone

More and more people today are showing their willingness to eat in a more sustainable way, renouncing not only meat but also any product of animal origin. Are these people destined to give up the pleasures of good pastry altogether? Not in this case, there is in fact a version of vegan caprese lemon panettone: the dough is prepared without eggs and with vegetable margarine instead of butter. Thanks to this variation, which preserves the original taste of lemon panettone, everyone can enjoy this original dessert next Christmas!


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